Kildair is an ISO 9001 registered company with an AASHTO certified laboratory. It is recognized for high quality products and wide a range of services in the supply, distribution and storage of heavy fuel oil and bituminous products. Kildair also has C-TPAT and PIP certification.

Kildair controls the quality of its products by means of:

  • Leading edge technology that ensures blend accuracy
  • Regular sampling and testing in an in-house lab by a team of experienced technicians and chemists.  
  • Participation with independent laboratories to regularly verify the accuracy of internal lab tests.

Kildair ensures product quality via:

  • Thermal oil and glycol heating system
  • Automated control of product temperature during loading and storage, preventing  operations outside the established minimum and maximum temperature range
  • Four product blending methods: gravity, injectors, agitator and/or in-line blending.

Kildair is committed to customer satisfaction:

  • adopting a continuous improvement policy in all our activities;
  • offering quality products, ensuring availability at all times and maintaining high quality professional services;
  • training and informing our staff of their duties on a regular basis;
  • meeting corporative requirements while taking all the necessary measures to comply with environmental and occupational health and safety laws and regulations relating to our activities;
  • ensuring the safety of personnel;
  • preventing accidents and occupational disease;
  • securing our supply, production, storage and distribution in accordance with our safety programme.

Kildair is committed to the success of its customers, the accomplishment of its staff, and the protection of the environment and communities where it operates.