Kildair takes pride in its competitive leadership position in the specialized heavy fuel oil and liquid asphalt industry. The company is also focused on continually improving its products and services.


The company operates a state-of-the-art petroleum terminal facility with fifteen oil storage tanks - 3.2 million barrels storage capacity including about 130,000 metric tons (nearly 0.8 million barrels) which are compatible for bituminous products storage. The company stores, modifies and distributes the following products by land, rail and sea: heavy fuel oil, marine fuel, crude oil and liquid asphalt. Additionally, Kildair operates a fully equipped laboratory to support its customized blending operations.


Its versatility, large storage capacity, superior quality products, high-tech petroleum facilities, sophisticated laboratory, various modes of transport and geographic location together deliver superior customer service. The company’s wide range of varying/customized quality heavy fuel oils and liquid asphalt meet the required specifications and regulations in Québec and other market outlets.


Through the years, the company has succeeded in becoming a leader in both the petroleum and transport sectors. Its professional and experienced team has created a reputation as a noteworthy and aggressive company that always offers its customers a wide range of quality products and services.